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Laura Hiner Accelerated Forgiveness Coaching and Wellness
Certified EPT Practitioner
Learn how Forgiveness can change your life!
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Free 15-minute phone consult to see how 
Polarity Balancing can work for you!
A holistic alternative to traditional talk therapy and conventional drug therapy.

My goal is to aid your empowerment and healing.
​Polarity Balance is a tool I use which gets you faster and more permanent results in eliminating depression, 
anxiety and chronic pain.
I help people who want relief from pain, depression and anxiety. I work with people who want to eliminate the effects that stress can have on their health and relationships, people who have been hurt in life or disappointed, so they can feel better, live longer and enjoy doing what they love with the people they love. 
I help people to move in a better direction, emotionally, physically and in relationships and career. I work with people who have anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, chronic fatigue, IBS and addictions, who have been hurt by events, past and current, by helping them release emotional pain to immediately feel better without the use of drugs. 

I'm excited to see the good that can come to you in your life! Emotional healing is the answer for when life gets hard and we feel stuck. It supports us in letting go of those things that no longer serve us, past and present. Letting go frees up massive positive energy that we can use to move forward to love our life and relationships more right now.  
Forgiveness is powerful enough to heal a broken heart and old wounds. Polarity Balance offers a new platform of healing that is totally unique and different than traditional talk therapy and medical drug therapy. 
Polarity Balance will, not only immediately help you feel better, it will help you find new meaning in your life.

Our quality service promise to you: It is our mission that you experience remarkable change​ in your life through 7 sessions. However, if, after your first session, you decide this therapy is not for you, we will refund your money and part with gratitude for having the opportunity to share our service with you. 

CONTACT ME for more information and to set up your free 15-minute phone consultation and begin to experience relief as you 
release the effects of emotional discomfort.

Fishers, IN 
Contact Laura: 317-919-3191  
I support you in letting go of  
• stress        • anxiety      • depression
•grudges      •resentment      •anger
•depression      •abuse      •trauma
•chronic pain      •past hurts      •divorce 
•grief       •financial failure        •conflict
Life's disappointments
•More Loving Relationships
•Pain Management
•Better Health
•More Happiness
•More Energy to Enjoy Life
Why should you come to me? 
I make a difference because in a one-hour session 
I help you to get started 
on a life you love, 
spending more time with the people you love, 

In-person or phone sessions. 
Contact Laura for a free 15-minute phone consultation.  

Could your physical pain have an emotional root? Yes!
"Up to 90% of doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by stress-related illness". - The Center of Disease and Prevention 
Your symptoms are real and are not just in your head!
Forgiveness is the Key that enables instant, deep, meaningful and permanent relief. There is a moment of Forgiveness, and in this moment, pain and burden are immediately gone. 
Forgiveness has been scientifically proven to enable physical changes including
• lowering blood pressure
• eliminating chronic pain
• lessening effects of physical and emotional pain and stress
Forgiveness doesn't let the other person off, it sets YOU free in ways you never imagined.