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Learn how Forgiveness can change your life for good! 
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Learn how to Let Go of Negative Patterns so you can start doing more of what you love with the people you love.
The relief and freedom that EPT can bring to your emotional and physical well-being is amazing! I can lead you through your emotional distress and minimize the impact it holds on your life now. I offer private sessions for this holistic approach to calming emotional and physical stress. Contact me for more info.
Laura Hiner - Noblesville, IN    
(Our Richmond Center: Monica Hackman - Richmond, IN) 
I  help people love, heal and forgive more, using EPTworks™.
Please contact me for a free phone consultation to learn more about how this works. 
Are you ready for a positive change in your life?
Are you ready for a new life experience in your life right now?
I support you in letting go of  
• stress        • anxiety      • depression
•grudges      •resentment      •anger
•depression      •abuse      •trauma
•chronic pain      •past hurts      •divorce 
•grief       •financial failure        •conflict
Life's disappointments...
offering you that personal touch you've been looking for.
"Since seeing Laura, I can now sleep through the night and am no longer experiencing panic attacks." VM, Seattle
"After working with Laura, I was able to let go of stress, lose weight and find a new job." KM, Indianapolis

EPTworks™ is the most rapid way to bring back your spirit and health.
It's designed to gently eliminate emotional issues that are 
preventing you from achieving your goals. 
You'll never look at stress or depression in the same way!

If, after your first visit, you don't feel this therapy will help you, 
there is no charge. 

I help people LET GO. EPTworks™ is a tool I use that speeds up healing
 •so you can be happier
 •so you can love and accept yourself
 •so you can feel better and live longer
 •so you can have better relationships
EPT is what to do when Life gets hard and you feel stuck. 
​EPTworks™ results in 
•More Loving Relationships
•Pain Management
•Better Health
•More Happiness
•More Energy to Enjoy Life

I help you drag the stuff from the "back of the closet" to the front, or the back of the fridge, and help you sort it and eliminate what you don't need, making room for what you love. And you don't have to tell us your Life story. Through bio-feedback, we tell YOU what you need and FIX it! 
Why should you come to me? 
I make a difference because in a one-hour session I help you to get started 
on a life you love, spending more time with the people you love, 
having more energy for the things you love. 
Emotional Polarity Technique (EPTworks™) is a process that speeds up healing, through an understanding of feelings, where they originate, and how they become your reference points. Through this process, you're able to replace old feelings with new perceptions, which result in an increased awareness that brings about inner peace and harmony. 
I find patterns in your life that contribute to current discomfort and help you to let them go, replacing them with positive emotions and energy. 
Effective with stress, anxiety, grudges, depression, divorce, fear, anger, low-self esteem, loss, low energy, past hurts, grief, financial failure, life's disappointments, chronic pain, allergies, IBS, ADD/ADHD, 
procrastination, clutter, 
Tourette's Syndrome, illness, major decisions.  
Most people find immediate relief! 

In-person or phone sessions. Laura is able to speak at your group, spa or event. Hands-on workshops available. 

Could your physical pain have an emotional root? Yes!
"Up to 90% of doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by stress-related illness". - The Center of Disease and Prevention 
Your symptoms are real and are not just in your head!
Clear emotional clutter and your relationships can improve.