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About Laura Hiner
Laura Hiner endeavors to provide a supportive environment in which people can have a true experience of healing. Her goal is to bring about a true experience of awareness for people as to why they feel the way they do. She uses the alternative therapy Polarity Balance to bring about remarkable change to people's lives. As a Certified Advanced Practitioner, she aids in the development of personal awareness through an understanding of the connection between mind, body, emotions and spirit. Laura will walk you through the process of Letting Go of what no longer serves you. 
A natural-born Intuitive, Laura has continued to help many families and individuals in volunteer services in the community, including Women's Shelter and Health Care residents. As music teacher and musician, she has experienced how reaching out to others can bring peace to people in all settings. Her work as a harpist has touched Alzheimer's and otherwise challenged patients. 
   Laura Hiner is a world traveler, writer, loving mother and grandmother, artist and musician, having devoted many years to inspiring others to live a more rewarding life.

Credits and Awards as musician

CREDITS in print: “Reserve a romantic evening this year, and indulge in a Victorian dinner and dessert at the Morris-Butler House. Experience the beauty of the 1865 historic home, and music by Celtic Harp Artist, Laura Robinson Hiner, while sampling the decadent 19th-century menu.” – Indianapolis Downtown Inc, 2008

 “This year’s International Fest – See three ladies with an extensive repertoire of music and dance.” - The Thistle – Scottish Society of Indianapolis, 2006

“You won’t want to miss Celtic Music with Laura Robinson and Highland Fling’s energizing performance from Fiddle to Irish Drum and Dance” – NUVO Magazine 2004

Awards: First Place: Semi-state piano competitions, 3 years entered
First Place: Irish Feis Sean Nos Singing, 2002
First Place: Scottish Harp Competition, Ensemble, 2014
First Place: Scottish Harp Emerging Forms, 2014
Second Place: Voice/Singing Scots Gaelic, 2013
Second Place: Scottish Harp Solo, 2014
Third Place: Scottish Harp Solo, 2014
Education: Oberlin College Scottish Harp Program
Certified in Scottish Harp performance