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Naturally Restored Healing
Laura Hiner CPEP, EPT™ Accelerated Forgiveness Coaching and Wellness
Learn how Forgiveness can change your life for good! 
 We recommend 7 sessions to get the most benefit. You can do as many sessions as you wish, but we recommend 7. One hour of EPT™ opens you up to clarity and hope for changes in your life you never thought were possible. 

• Single Session per Hour                    

Package Value Pricing: 

Highly recommended for best results
• 7 hours scheduled every 1 - 2 weeks                                                                                 
This package can be used by 2 people living in the same house
•16 Hours:                                        
This package can be used by 3 people living in the same house: 
•21 Hours:                                       
• Package of 7 Hours - Create a Life of Change: 
Your commitment to heal your past, present and future accelerates your ability to create what you really want now. Your personal EPT™  coach will help you overcome the barriers even if you have failed to win in the past. 
You will begin to transform your life out of  the energy of love, forgiveness and happiness. 

Clear blocks to relationships, career, emotional health, self-esteem, joy, finances, clutter, procrastination, chronic pain relief, behavior issues, trauma issues.
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